Winery Leroux Creek Vineyards, CO

2014 Chambourcin
“Gold Medal, Sonoma County Harvest, 2010”

A Red French Hybrid Grape adapting very well in the North Fork Valley of Colorado. Critics have been following the crowd and starting to rave about these gems. Reminiscence of the South of France with its intense black color, the Chambourcin features aromas of soft red fruit and rich plums. This wine offers a nice balance of black cherry and licorice, it will stand up to food. Acidity is balanced with soft tannins. The light chocolate aromas inspired from the American Oak barrels.

Cayuga White

The Grape is from the Finger Lakes area of New York, it is an American Hybrid. This non-oaked dry white wine has a crisp acidity with notions of citrus, grapefruit and honey flowers. Sprprisingly light in color and a very herbal edge to the finish. With good balance and fresh aromas this wine shall pair well with soft cheese, white meat, and fish.

2015 Pino Noir

Our 2015 Pino Noir has an excellent balance where the fruit and acidity meet together. The taste is similar to a classic French Burgundy, a medium bodied wine with a full finish.


My Cherry Amour

Rich and elegant, this sour cherry wine benefits from a full vinifecation. No added sugar, it has aromas of almonds, and the natural fruit of the cherries.Pairs well with Asian Cuisine and dessert.

Rose de Leroux

A typical dry Rose where the duration of skin-contact is limited but sufficient to give the desired color. Chambourcin grapes with a hint of Merlot give this wine a long finish. The short time in oak added some vanilla and soft wood. Lovely flavors and aromas of cherry and strawberry. Serve it chlled, it is great in the afternoon. Rose de Leroux goes will with tapas, grilled chicken, and salad.”


Apre Vous (Port Style)

Very nice cherry deep color, nose is very pleasant, spicy with vanilla and cassis notes. Mouth feel is sweet, with good wine structure, balance with a lingering finish. pairs well with dessert (raspberries, chocolate, ice cream) or with a sharp cheese (Silton).

Our Chambourcin and Cayuga White grapes are organically grown at out vineyards.